Monday, July 5, 2010

Whatever will it feel like
Good Bye
After all this time, all this space and time,
that has passed between us,
around us, through us
linked us, joined us,
woven our lives into one life,
A quarter of my life has you in it.
A quarter of my experiences were shared,
however will I recall those days without recalling you?

Will every RV park make me laugh?
Will every nail file? Jumper cable?
Will your pet names haunt me?
Places tease me?

The space you occupied in my heart will lie vacant, fallow
unwatered, untended and unseen
I will not shut the door on it, but I will not visit there
I will not linger, or rue, or even regret
You will not be replaced, but you will not remain

Will the words catch in my throat?
Will I want to take them back, forget the past infractions?
Dive headfirst back into the deception?
One more time, one more try, one more promise to be broken, again and again?
Oh so easy, to die that death
Relinquish my "wild & precious life"
Give in, give up, forget

I have had a taste of the divine
I have seen life through new eyes
I have fallen in love with the one person you never could
And she is leaving you
with Good Bye

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