Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mrs. Smith

I know you do not think you are a hero
that you didn't do a brave thing
but into my life, donned with a cape
you flew in and rescued me
Sun in My Belly on Day One
offerings of love and friendship
I was a blank slate, an unknown quantity
and our eyes met and we were friends
and I knew it
I felt it
And those ice blue eyes shine at me
you kiss my mouth hello
you trust me with your children, all three of them
you hold my hand while I sob
you walk with grace beside me
and catch me as I stumble
shared laughs, movies, gardening equipment
walks, talks, hours and hours of asana
from green smelly clouds to made up meals
licking your plate clean and asking for more dessert please
loving my friends
offering your home
offering your heart
bitching, bemoaning, groaning,
"there better be a baby" still kills me
Who knew I had to move here to find you?
Minnesota's finest
I love you Mrs. Smith

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