Monday, July 5, 2010

The Waiting

Transported distant fleeting
miles of time to overcome
vast wide space
forever illusive
and elusive
I am here wish to be there
I am now wish to be then
The ebb then flow
I thank G-d for sleep 8 hours gone in a flash
only then to have time falter and draw out in front of me
the last 4 miles of my heart's marathon

too see one's future
to hope beyond hope

I am 6 the night before my birthday and the presents are hidden in the house
I know they are here
I can guess at what they are
I chose them after all
If I find them I can peel back the wrapping
reveal the gift beneath
But until I tear the paper
expose them entirely
they are not really mine
she is not really mine
she is a dream of what will be
a tenuous arrival at the doorstep of a life of hoping
an unexpectedly soft landing after a long jump
heavy with desire, layered with wanting
covered in a thin veil of mystery
a promise I will keep

So tonight I live in the pause
pinching myself awake at each musing
can this be real?
4 decades of my girlish reverie
now just out of reach

Waiting for my future
Waiting for time
Waiting for you

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