Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Edge of Me

Slipped from my skin my soul has no edge
ageless timeless colorless
animated vapor heart beat and breath

the laundry needs doing
the mail should be brought in
the trash taken out

but here I am

alone in your house
your scent everywhere
I awoke on your side of the bed
where are you?
where am I?

Lost in you
torn into pieces
put back together
a new whole
much more than the sum

searching your eyes for the answer that cannot come
from anywhere but my own heart
you have reached the edge of me
there is nothing beneath
nothing above me

I asked the question "how can I give myself to you"
how can I open my heart to you
and float into this life
each breath brings me there

I seek no more
I fall into the embrace of this life
allow the angel to wrap me in his warmest coat
and surrender it all
to you

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