Thursday, June 17, 2010


I feel terminally soft
pink skin golden flesh peach fuzz soft
my heart ripe like high summer fruit
my soul cool and rippled as a spring thaw creek
first clinging tendril of creeping vines
sweet pea paper petals
cat noses pink paw pads concealing claws
soft down pillow
sinking down to the belly of me
flesh yielding
subtle bone protruding
desperate ache of tenderness
don't push to hard
thumb bruise
chewed up
spit out
where do I put my heart
how do I preserve its pulsating flesh
dripping juicy softness
in your world of hard edges
fast words
crushing bleeding blows?
slicing flesh cleaving flaming hot anger
desperate disparate devastating
here I am ripe and ready for love
there you are looking to fight
how can I lay myself down in front of you
allow you to devour me in one bite
chewing swallowing without tasting
how can I?

you are hard like smooth glass
cold like metal
sharp like knives

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