Friday, June 11, 2010

So now what?

The love was confessed, but I was rebuffed, so now what?
The attraction was mutual but I was rebuffed, so now what?
"So thats really is no" I said, quoting Anna Scott
"Yes, it really is"
I was told it was impractical. I was told it was unacceptable. I was told how flirting was cheating and although it felt good it was wrong. I was told it wasn't really about her. But then why is she all I think of? Why is she all I see?
WHy do I wonder after her? Where is she? What is she doing? How can I further engage her? How can I reel her back in?
My mind is a factory of plans and ideas, of tortuous schemes, plotting and twisting and seeking. I look two years down the road, I imagine my way back to her, staring at picture of her, I have memories of things that haven't happened yet
I taunt, I flatter, I flirt, I weave a web of seduction. Should I have admitted it at all? Should I have played the tune longer, stretched it out farther? slip it over the two of us like a silk sheet?

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