Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paris, avec moi?

From http://www.fairytalesaretrue.com/

I know how much I love you when I see photos of Paris and think, I can't wait to stroll through her streets with you…..

I want to see the world with you by my side.
Perfect.  Silent.  Ageless deep love. 
A hand to hold, while I breathe in deeply, the scents and sounds of this life.  
Lifted from the fog I have seen a new horizon. 
We. Me. She.
How on Earth did I find you through the clutter and noise.  
The rattle bang whiz is fading to silence
and all I hear is the hum of my heart
the flow of my breath
like a leaf blown on a breeze
satin over skin
I hear what I feel
slipping into the silence
of your love

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