Friday, January 28, 2011

Am I a quitter?

In my long attempt to convince C. that I was the one for her I suggested that a group of us runners do the Big Sur Marathon Relay…she suggested we do the whole thing.  I gave in, of course, to impress, and dazzle, but the day is fast approaching and I am terrified…terrified of the time limit, terrified of the two mile "hurricane" hill, terrified of being picked up at mile 22 and granted the almighty "DNF" (did not finish for those of you non-runners out there).  So I posed the question, to the rest of my friends that had signed up for the full marathon - shall we revisit the idea of the Relay? The unanimous yes was followed by a group sigh of relief…it seems my terror was not alone.

So now to assign the legs, and continue to train, with a new goal in mind, running my leg fast, and becoming part of a team.  I love each member of this team and am glad that this will be a group triumph.  I am glad that we were able to score one of the lat 6 team spots, I am glad that although I have converted to the relay, I have not abandoned this endeavor.  So no, I do not believe myself to be a quitter.  I am a group finisher!  

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