Friday, September 3, 2010

Green green trees hours of asana walking to town beer and tofu tacos summerfest the worlds smallest farmers market riotous unfolding almost never ending spring fox hunting slow paced straight a boo bff mlk Carter turner Chatahoochee river air so thick I can feel it on my back hammock Stella aiden russ Josie and mrs smith run club 6 miles through Agnes Scott and back first race ever snow rain pollen town square Virginia highland oasis in republican land oh Decatur my temporary home I could not have conjured up a prettier happier place beltline piedmont olmstead parks everywhere you look hopes that will not see their reward dreams that will not come true but for a moment an island in time you were the cradle the breast the safest harbor I could ever have wanted needed and like a proud mother you send me out now into the concrete jungle and hope that I will prevail like Frederick you have helped me gather colors sounds words for the long winter months ahead

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